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Noga Photostudio offers model portfolios, portrait, interior & architecture photography.
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NPS FLOOR PLAN SERVICES AND PROPERTY PHOTOGRAPHY was set up in 2006 with the aim of delivering reasonable priced, exceptional quality photography and accurate floor plans to the UK property market. As a complete supplier of marketing and advertising services to the property industry, we help you during the entire process from creating photographs and floor plans to printing and publication your marketing materials. All this together with 24 hours turnaround makes our valuable marketing services the best choice for many leading estate agencies in London and surrounding areas.

Unlike different marketing companies, in terms of image quality and floor plan accuracy, we have only one type of service. We believe, that every single property requires high amount of attention and should be presented by our photographer in the best light. This is the reason why our service can give your website the cutting edge over your competitors.


Our photography service was created for estate agents who want to provide their clients with the unique property portfolio. Again and again Marcin Noga’s clients share positive feedback from their vendors about his professionalism and the way he captures the life of their property. We take pride in finding creative ways to showcase a property to its full potential. We are so confident about the quality our photographic service, that we charge our clients only if we deliver the best images possible.

To capture a wide variety of shots showing the unique style and character of every interior, Marcin uses his experience and the finest quality digital equipment available, with no expense spared in the purchase of cameras, wide-angle lenses and radio controlled flash units. His aim is to provide high-end estate agents the best images and most accurate floor plans, what gives them ability to win more instructions and retain higher fees even in a challenging market environment.

Fast turnaround, qualifications of our photographers and in-depth knowledge property market, mean that we can supply your business with the best visual resources to satisfy your marketing and advertising requirements.


Floor plans are an integral part of your property marketing package. Our floor planning service was created for estate agents who want to provide their clients with the most accurate and detailed floor plans on the market.

NPS has been providing floor plans to estate agents in London for over 5 years. Our photographer holds a professional floor planning qualifications, so we can guarantee you that all floor plans are created to RICS standards and follow strict guidelines and layout of the property. To make sure that our square footage calculations are correct, we take measurements with professional laser tools and all our floor plans go through a series of quality control checks before they are returned the client.

Our floor plans are prepared during the site visit and emailed back the following day. All floor plans can be customised to your specific requirements and supplied in a variety of file formats to use with your online and offline marketing. Floors plans provided by NPS include built in furniture and fittings and quotes the approximate Gross Internal Area, giving your clients a great introduction to what they are about to see. We charge a fixed price for properties up to 1000 sq ft. For all plans larger than 1000 sq ft there is an additional charge per sq ft.

For more information on our marketing service, please call +44(0)79 4048 7556 or email us: info@nogaphotostudio.com.